One small step for man...

On the 20th July 1969, Neil Armstrong became the first human ever to set foot on another world, when the Apollo 11 mission completed NASA's ambitious challenge to land a man on the moon.

The Apollo 11 crew

Click here to learn about the Apollo astronauts - the twelve intrepid men who walked on the moon. Includes some great soundclips!

The mighty Saturn V Apollo rocket

Click here to find out about the incredible Saturn V rocket, the mighty spacecraft that flew men to the moon, and brought them safely back again.

Spacekids conquest of the moon movie

Click here to see our own celebration of the moon landing - a fun cartoon made by the Spacekids team.

Apollo 11 documentary

Click here for a movie of the highlights of the Apollo 11 mission, from the dramatic Saturn V launch to that famous one small step! giant leap for mankind!

No-one has been back to the moon since 1972, and the Apollo landings of 40 years ago remain mankind's greatest space achievement. NASA plans for astronauts to return to the moon by 2020, and maybe even set up a permanent moon-base.

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